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My strategy is to first use Giga Impact with Weavile to KO a Pokemon. Then, this will hopefully draw out a Fire-type. That Pokemon will hopefully use a Fire-type attack. On that turn, I will switch to my Ninetales with Flash Fire to receive the 1.5x Sp. Att. boost. How well will this work?

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No. It's never going to work

Sorry for the blunt answer but quite simply, your strategy doesn't work. Why?
First off you CANNOT SWITCH after user Giga Impact. You can't do anything. Just recharge.
>Deals damage. Provided the move hits, the user must recharge the following turn, and may not attack or switch.

So once you kill their Pokemon, and if they bring out a fire Pokemon, you're stuck for that turn allowing them to hit you.

In addition to this, this strategy relies on them bringing out a fire Pokemon,. What if they bring out a fighting Pokemon? Or a Rock Pokemon? They both hit it super effectively as well.
Also they could bring out a Pokemon carrying a fire-type move that you're unaware of. Sooo. Yeah this strategy wouldn't work.

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ok thanks
"they could bring out a Pokemon carrying a fire-type move that you're unaware of"
Whatever pokemon uses a fire type move flash fire gets activated -,- just mentioning (I know this strategy wont work but it's a mkdtake u made)
I mean that he may not be able to predict the fire move.
so if i KO using brick break it will work right?
Well under several conditions;.
1. Brick Break is weak, so you assume that it'll ko
2. They switch into a fire pokemon, not a fighting, steel, bug, rock etc. pokemon which can all hit you super-effectively
3. They don't switch in a pokemon that has a fire move that you aren't aware of - for example HP Fire Rotom-W and you have no idea. Not that anyone should run that.
4. The opposing pokemon isn't faster than Ninetales and doesn't carry a coverage move that can potentially kill Ninetales