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Lucario @ Salac Berry
252 Atk/252 Spd/4 Hp
Adamant/Jolly Nature (which one?)
-Extreme Speed
-Quick guard
Quick Guard protects it from priority for a turn at most which is kinda worth it.
Is it good though?

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Quick guard for iron tail might work. Deals with fairy's and ghosts (that you can't hit might I add) And get's STAB bonus so might as well.

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You could do better.

Given that the Lucario's holding a Salac Berry, you're trading off on the Lucarionite, which I don't find is lucrative, in light of the fact that 1. Lucario is swift as is 2. The Mega Evolution stone has a profoundly positive effect on it. Therefore, personally, if you're not going to give it the stone for whatever reason, such as you're using your Mega Stone spot for another Pokemon, of which is good rationale, opt for a berry/item that can be utilised better than your contemporary one.

Let's move onto your moveset, which isn't all that great either. Although ExtremeSpeed is not too bad an option, admittedly. It appears your moveset is tailored to defense - you've gone a bit overboard with that, which means you're not utilising its high offensive stats (vanilla or mega evolution) properly.

The offensive types are around the same, so you have some real scope here, given you have Attack and Special Attack at your grasp. USE IT. A moveset more effective from the top of my head would be:

  • Aura Sphere; IMO, it's an absolute must.
  • Shadow Claw; makes for some decent type coverage.
  • Earthquake/Close Combat; if Electric types aren't a pain in the neck, opt for the latter.
  • Swords Dance; a solid way of getting that attack up.

Personally, I feel it needs work - the moveset in specifics I've provided myself could too be better; but it's an overview of what you should be looking at. I imagine you won't get anywhere with your contemporary strategy - but in any case, I bid you good fortune. I'll also add that all this is on the basis of it being on X/Y; if it's on another game, I'll respond with a comment tailored to that generation.

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I don't think you quite understand the question. He is asking wether the specific strategy he has given is good, and you're giving him a completely new one.
The strategy is to use Endure on what would be a KO on Lucario, the Salac Berry would activate, allowing it to outspeed almost every non-scarfed Pokémon in UU, and Revers will also be at full power.
So you should be evaluating the strategie's flaws, not as an overall Lucario moveset
And I don't think you quite understand my answer. I personally don't think the strategy is all that great, which has been made clear rather abundantly; hence why I've taken the liberty of giving what I personally think is an improvement of utilizing Lucario - I fail to see the problem here, and that's certainly because there isn't one; it's all in context.

However, I have thought of new points as to why the strategy doesn't work - I'll edit those in once I can elaborate on them with validity.
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It can work, but most of the time it probably won't.
Why? Priority. Quick Guard is no use, they'll just use the priority move again next turn, and most teams have at least one priority move. Even if you defeat all priority users beforehand, there will be plenty of Pokémon that can take an unboosted Reversal, and proceed to knock out Lucario. Focus Sash users aren't uncommom either.
So really, no, it isn't a very good strategy, but it's not one of the worst, either.

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How does SR affect it?
Actually it doesn't, I got mixed up there.