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If you make him an anti-weather Pokemon:
[email protected] choice scarf
252 speed/ 252 att/ 4hp
+att -sp att
ice shard
wood hammer
brick break


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Yes and no. The problem is that when the opponent notices that their weather stays up that they know your quicker, you being quicker means your scarfed which is a common set to use. If they know your scarfed they can easily protect (in Poli and Ninetales case) or just switch to a Pokemon resisting the attack you throw at them. Your then forced to switch which allows them to switch back in later on.

A scarf set may have the ability to dispose of the other weather inducers but it is not meant to. Because it is A. An easy strat to beat if you play right and B. Abomasnow even with max attack lacks power and I believe on a special defensive Tyranitar Wood Hammer doesn't always ko which is amazing when you consider the sheer power with stab. Ninetales will usually stay in regardless having the ability to burn and protect to scout the move you will use.

So istead of trying to find the right coverage to beat the weather inducers, use all round coverage, that can beat Poli ect when needed but also gives all round coverage and solutions to common threats such as Ferro. Include a Pokemon on the team to beat the weather inducers.

enter image description here
Run Hasty and Hidden Power fire over adamant and Brick Break on your current set.
Also Blizzard over ice shard and consider running full investment in special attack to really abuse Hp fire and Blizzard. Grass Knot is a solid option.

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Thanks! I really needed a good anti-weather pokemon for showdown. I'll try it.
also, I included brick break so that I could beat tyranitar. Wood hammer is for hippowdon
Chople Berry is very common and will be doing similar damage to wood hammer anyway due to pure power and stab.
that's a good point