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These are my Pokemon for double battles:

Swampert Moves:Earthquake,Ice beam,Rain dance and Waterfall.

Ferrothorn.Moves:Seed bomb,Iron head,Power whip and Protect.

Hydreigion.Moves:Flamethrower,Dragon pulse,Dark pulse and Draco meteor.

Machamp.Moves:Stone edge,Dynamic punch(ability no guard)Cross chop and protect.

I was thinking of going with swampert and ferro and use rain dance for ferro's fire weakness.
Hydreigon is for its sp attack and machamp is for its attack.
My other Pokemon are Charizard,Salamence,Venusaur,Metagross.
Please give your suggestions if there is any way of improving this.

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Ingame or competitive?
Most likely ingame. if it's  competive then he sucks, also it looks liek a battle subway team.
Oh okay, but he don't suck!!
Its mostly for In game but  i wouldn't mind having your suggestions on competetive play!( and thanks for having my back adam!)
Competitively, it's not a good idea to set up Rain Dance. Instead, use Drizzle Politoed.

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Alright, I'm not great at doubles, and I've only played it a couple of times.
Ingame, this team is fine noone really gives a flip :P . You team looks fine and all, and should do everything right ingame (Battle Subway etc.) though if your stats are low, you're still going to have some trouble there.
Anyway from a comeptitive standpoint (Don't trust what I'm about to say :P Like I said I'm not great at doubles) your team is bad. No offence, but the movesets aren't very good for Competitive purposes. Obviously, if you want to have a form of rain to reduce Ferro's fire weakness from x4 to x2, Drizzle Politoed is your best friend. You can run a support or offensive set with it. The Support set works well with Ferrothorn.
Dragon Types also like the support Politoed provides (Assuming it's running Icy Wind, which allows it to slow down faster threats for Dragon Types to kill c:). Obviously since you're in rain, Flamethrower becomes next-to-useless, so do something about that :P.
Machamp is outclassed by some other fighting types in my opinion (Hai Terrakion c:) but you could still use it.
Swampert... Wide Guard support maybe? :P. It is a better fit on Sand Teams however >.> as generically speaking it would be paired up with a Pokemon who could kill Grass Types... which unfortunately is normally a Pokemon with a fire attack, but that's useless under rain. You could try Gastrodon... it would be an effective strategy to run Surf on Politoed with Gastrodon, as Storm Drain renders the damage from Surf useless, and boosts Gastrodon's SpA by 1 stage - making it a potent threat.
Pokemon like Metagross/Jirachi and so forth also like Rain support. Most defensive pokes do :P. There are also a multitude of other Pokemon you could consider running in a competitive doubles team

Anyway I sak at doubles :c DON'T KILL ME IF I GOT EVERYTHING WRONG D:

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good as an in game team but for competitive use the team isn't that great not enough categories and attacks also its not all about attack you need some defensive Pokemon to and some ard hitters needs to be finalised

What do you suggest?
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First off, with double battles Swampert having earthquake then using it can damage one of your Pokémon as long as the other Pokémon isn't flying type, doesn't have levitate, nor have an Air Balloon, so Swampert should get a different move like Hammer Arm (Achievable at level 69). Ice beam is a good choice, but you could have a higher chance of freezing an opponents Pokémon and can defeat others easier if you had Blizzard instead (TM 14). Rain Dance is a good choice for Ferro, and Ferro can cover Swampert's Grass weakness. But instead of Worry Seed, Ferrothorn should have Aerial Ace (TM 40). There Ferrothorn can now Defeat Grass types easier for Swampert. Ferrothorn is weak to Fighting types, which Machamp can come in handy when dealing with those, or you can use Ferrothorn's Aerial Ace since it can take out a Fighting type easily. Hydreigon on the other hand is weak to Ice, Fighting, Bug, Dragon, and Fairy but you don't have to worry about the fairy type. You should replace Dragon Pulse with something else like Protect (TM 17). With that, you can easily see if an opponent has one of Hydreigon's four Weaknesses. Then Hydreigon can be subbed with Machamp for the Fighting and bug types and swampert for the other two types. Now Machamp. Machamp first off for its weaknesses, you should switch with Hydreigon which can cover for Flying and Psychic. Machamp should switch Cross Chop or Dynamic Punch with Light Screen. For the last two Pokémon, you should have Scolipede and Chandelure. The Movesets I would give them are
-Screech (Move Rememberer)
-Iron Defense (Pre-Evolution Move)
-Mega Horn (Move rememberer)
-Double Team (TM 32)
(All of Chandelures Moves are Pre-Evolution Moves)
That was long, hope I helped!

EDIT: This is In-game

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This is for in game or competitive?
If this is competitive. minimize/double team is not allowed, inferno is dodgy, and Screech/Iron Defense are horrible in competitive. :P
It's for In game, I'll fix it
Do it quickly,please!