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I challenged Darktyphlosion to a battle, and he quickly destoryed me! I recorded the battle.

My team:

Darktyphlosion's Team:

Typhlosion-Eruption, solarbeam
Umbreon-Baton pass, calm mind, payback, moonlight
Sceptile -Earthquake
Kabutops-Ice beam, rain dance

He led with Typhlosion, I led with Steelix. I switched to swampert for a better type match up, and he hit me with eruption. Then I chose surf to take his pokemon out, thinking I can take a hit from it, but he used Solarbeam in one turn !! how did he do this?

also if you want to know how the rest of the battle went. I sent out houndoom to absorb his fire power, But he hit and destroyed Houndoom with Earthquake from. Typhlosion. Then I sent out Dragonite and he switched to Umbreon, and used calm mind a few times, then baton passed it to Kabutops. Kabutops finished me in one shot with ice beam. Then he used rain dance with kabutops. I switched into lucario, used a swords dance. Then got killed by kabutops. I sent out jolteon, planning to take it down, But he switched to Sceptile, and killed me with Earthquake again!! hit him with outrage, but he switched back to umbreon and then hit hard with payback. and recovered his health My last pokemon was steelix. I used earthquake on umbreon, he used baton pass and safely brought in Typlosion, who finished me off with eruption. Darktyphlosion beat all of my pokemon, I didn't even faint one of his.

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Here are some tips to help you out:

To deal with Typhlosion, Rain Dance appears to be a good choice.

Umbreon can be taken out easily by a Pokemon that is resistant to Payback and that can know Taunt.

Sceptile will fall to a Charizard.

Kaputops can be taken down by a fast Pokemon using a Grass type attack.

Scizor is also taken down with ease by Charizard and Flamethrower.

Dusknoir: Try a Normal type with High defense.
The problem is I rarely use a team more than once. My team in a rematch will be totally different.
Interesting. You have Wi-Fi? If so, I'd like to battle you once mine starts working again. I am now on a new team, that I am going to keep on using until B/W. I tell people my team because I am somewhat arrogant, sure they can't beat me. However, I think you would give me a run for my money DT.

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I gave my Typhlosion the item "Power Herb", which gets rid of the charging turn for a move. it's really unexpected. I decided to test it out in our battle. I changed a few moves just for this battle, like umbreon used to know toxic, I'll probably give that one back to him though.

-Told you I wouldn't pull any punches.

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Oh. good battle though. One day I'll beat you.
I'll be ready to take you on whenever you're ready.Just know that next battle, I'll use my main team, with my best pokemon.
That Umbreon was my undoing.