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In my Emerald play-through, when I had to battle Team Magma to get HM Dive, Steven was my ally. I had Vibrava and Steven had Metang. My Vibrava had used Crunch on Metang by mistake. I was shocked just in a second but no more than that. It was because Crunch didn't hit Metang Super Effectively. DB had mentioned that it had the weakness of Dark. Why is that so?

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gen 5 and before, Steel had a resistance to dark
So it canceled each other out. So it didn't have a weakness to it
Source:too many false swipe gaming videos

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whoa so fast! Thank you very much!
Same with the case of Ghost probably
your welcome! And yep, Steel also resisted ghost in the times that steel resisted dark
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Before, Steel had a resistance to Dark
So in Gen 5, Steel resisted Dark. Beldum is also Psychic type though, so they canceled each other out. That's why you did not hit it super effectively. Because of that, it is neutral.

Source: A random MandJTV vid where he mentions it

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