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Which move consistently deals the most Damage Foul Play or Crunch?

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I know Im a noob

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Crunch is the more consistant move.

Even though Foul Play has a higher base power, it's calculated by your opponent's attack stat, and if your opponent switches Pokemon, Foul Play will deal a different amount of damage.

EDIT: forgot to say that Crunch has a 20% chance to lower your opponent's defence, meaning it'd be able to do even more damage, whereas Foul Play has no secondary effect.

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crunch has 80 bp while foul play has 95 bp accept foul play uses the opponents attack stat so crunch is the answer I guess

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Well, it is hard it say. But since Crunch is based of the user's attack stat then I would say crunch. Mainly because Foul Play's power is based from the opponents attack stat. So if you were facing an opponent that had a large Def but low attack (as many walls do) then the damage would be minor. And the power will also depend on the Pokemon it hits, not the one it initially targeted. So the power changes on switches, meaning it can be increased or decreased depending on what it hits. although if you do know exactly it will hit, then it can give an Edge even if the user's own attack is low.

Crunch however, will not change based on the opponent. So it doesn't change everytime the foe switches and is safer. As well as being used against special sweepers and walls to break them, using the user's attack not the opponents. Running little risk on switching.

Hope I helped ;D

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