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How can I make an Electricke get born with Thunderbolt+Crunch if I already spent the Thunderbolt TM in my Manectric?

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Try this:
Breed Female Electrike/Manectric with a Male Mightyena with Crunch
Then breed the resulting offspring with your Thunderbolt Manectric.
The final offspring should have both Crunch and T-Bolt.
You can buy a thunderbolt tm from the Mauville game corner.
Is your thunderbolt Manectric male or female?

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Since you so happen to be playing Emerald, you have acess to Smeargle. By using Sketch to sketch Thunderbolt and Crunch onto a male one, (wild Ditto are available it it helps) Smeargle can then pass the moves onto an Electrike.

Alternatively, you could purchase another Thunderbolt TM and teach it to an Electrike breed with Crunch.