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I've decided to revisit Pokemon yellow after not having touched it for years and decided (for nostalgic reasons to go with pikachu, charmander, squirtle, bulbasaur, and pidgey in my lineup. I'm looking for recommendations for a 6th. A psychic type seems the obvious choice but I'm open to any suggestions. Forgive my ignorance it's been years lol thanks in advance

Ps I'm playing on an emulator on my phone so I'm not sure trading or anything is an option.

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If you don't mind executing a glitch in your game,  you can get Mew as early as Lavender Town.
Yeah I'd love to go for mew but I'm already at cinnabar so I think it's a bit late for that.  mew would be sweet though I wish I'd  known about the glitch earlier.
Exeggutor used to be a thing back in Yellow, you could try that. Or even Amnesia Slowbro. Those were the best Psychic types sans Mew, Mewtwo and Alakazam.
hypno was a decent choice for playing the story
all psychic types are over powered in gen 1, I'd go with Hypno though because it's stronger than Kadabra and more available than Mewtwo.

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The obvious answer is The Legends, but they are hard to get. If you can get it Alakazam, but otherwise Mr. Mime or even Kadabra

Alakazam has INSANE stats. Psychic hits like a truck on steiroids.

Mr. Mime has more raw power than all the psychics but Kazam, Kadabra, and the legends. It also has a not terrible movepool, with access to T-Bolt and SolarBeam.

Kadabra has more power and speed than Mr. Mime, but is also more frail. he has the worst movepool out of the three though.

Get a female Mr.Mime.

It works.