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I'm playing Pokemon Yellow and came and am not sure about who out of Rhydon, Hitmonlee, and Tauros should get Body Slam. I hear all of them benefit from getting paralysis on an opponent, but while I think the speed lowering would be nice for Rhydon, I think it's too slow to use the paralysis against faster mons. Meanwhile, Tauros is also quite fast and would already probably be outspeeding it's opponent, And Hitmonlee hits a decent speed tier so a random paralysis speed drop seems to help it out the most, but i'm considering dropping Hitmonlee in favor of other mons.

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I personally would give it to tauros but i feel that hitmonlee would probably be better but dont quote me on this.
I normally give it to my piakchu...
Tauros is the best body slam user because it gets STAB from body slam.
So to Tauros? I still wanna wait for another answer though.

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Tauros. Tauros has the worst move pool out of all three of those Pokemon, so you should give Body Slam to Tauros.

-Body Slam (TM)
-Strength (HM)
-Rest (TM)
-Whatever you want.

Rhydon: (This is if Tauros has Body Slam)
-Earthquake (TM)
-Submission/Seismic Toss (TM)
-Rock Slide (TM)
-Double Edge (TM)

Hitmonlee: (This is if Tauros has Body Slam)
-Jump Kick
-Hi Jump Kick
-Mega Kick (TM)

I hope this helps you with your Yellow journey! Also, don't use Hitmonlee on a Ghost type.

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It's Tauros, xD
It is Taurus in my world...
change it to ghastly line
What t gastly line?
they are the only ghost types in gen 1 lol
I know