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So I know this is a lot like my other question about the Double-Edge tutor (I'm using it for Glalie btw) but I really want to make sure these valuable tutors don't go to waste!

I have only one good candidate for the Body Slam tutor:

Dunsparce gets a couple of things that make it insanely annoying to face: Coil and Serene Grace.
Coil raises its attack, defense, and accuracy, which is awesome. Serene Grace, as I'm sure you all know, doubles the chance of effects occurring for certain moves. Dunsparce gets Headbutt, Rock Slide, and Body Slam. Headbutt and Rock Slide now have a 60% chance to flinch, and Body Slam has a 60% chance to paralyze. However, Dunsparce also gets Glare, which paralyzes the opponent 100% of the time. So is it worth it to get Body Slam, or not?

tl;dr: What Pokemon that you can get in Gen III are good with Body Slam, and if I give it to Dunsparce, is it worth it cuz it gets Glare?

Excuse me.
Once you get it to the game you wish it to be in, will you then delete a move for coil, or if you don't choose body slam, put it in that slot? What are you planning with that..............?
I'm planning on running Coil/Roost/Body Slam/Rock Slide.
Okay. Thank you for the information ^_^

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In my opinion, Body Slam is worth learning for Dunsparce. Besides taking advantage of Serene Grace to get a much higher paralyze chance, it has slightly higher power than your other moves, and with Dunsparce's speed it's a good idea to have paralyze chance moves. It seems a safe gamble to get rid of Glare with Body Slam and the stat-raising Coil on your side. With your Roost, you can heal while the opponent can't move. Also, if you're planning on using Coil, Body Slam's accuracy problems will be solved. (Luckily your moveset of rock and normal moves has no "no effect" Pokemon.)
Phew...hope you take this into consideration. -3-lll-R

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