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Double Edge- Dream Eater- Explosion- Mega Kick- Mega Punch- Metronome- Mimic- Substitute- Thunder Wave

I am going to restart my LeafGreen game, but before I do I wanted to use up all the move tutors, and these are the ones that are left and I'm having trouble deciding who to teach them to. I am preferable to Pokemon who can pass them down, but if they cant its ok too. I also have Ruby, so any of the Pokemon on that are also available for these moves.

You dont HAVE to suggest on all the moves because there are so many, a suggestion of even just one move would help me alot.

I already have a snorlax with mega kick and mega punch, and a tauros with double-edge, so I'm not going to worry about those moves.

Dream Eater I'm thinking Gardevoir- fast, high S.Attack, STAB

Metronome and Mimic have a limited number of Pokemon who can learn them, so it shouldnt be too hard.

Substitute,Explosion and Thunder Wave are so useful in competitive battling, so these are the ones I want to make sure I get right.
Im thinking maybe Gyarados or Sceptile for thunder wave, or would any of the regis be any good?
Maybe magmar for substitute, so I can turn in it into magmortar later'.
Explosion I still dont really know, Im thinking someone that you wouldnt expect an explosion from, or someone that would compliment well with a ghost type in double battles.

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Could you provide your team?
^ difficult question to answer without any other information since there are so many pokemon
I have every non-event pokemon available in both Ruby and Leaf Green, thats part of whats making it difficult to decide who to use the move tutors on.
Can you provide us with the team you are using then?

Some moves (Dream Eater, Mega Kick, Mega Punch, Metrenome, Mimic) are awful moves that should not be taught to any Pokemon. Others (Explosion, Substitute) are good in competitive (great in fact) but awful for ingame. Double-Edge is great for a Normal type Pokemon, just so long as you have healing items galore. Even then, Return is a better option. Thunder Wave is only useful if you lack a sleep inducing move, as then Thunder Wave can provide help in catching Pokemon.
There are so many Pokemon that can learn these moves that's it's impossible just to say "you should teach X this move".
Also, if you're restarting, it's kinda useless (unless you're transferring the Pokemon to Gen IV or something).
If a mod comments on a post and doesn't hide the post or say that it should be hidden, it probably doesn't need to be flagged guys. :P
Im moving all the usefull pokemon in leafgreen to one of my other games(ruby, soulsilver or pearl) before I reset it.

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OK, sine you don't have specific Pokemon, I'll just put the characteristics of the Pokemon that should learn the move. :)

Double-Edge, Mega Kick, Mega Punch: You should teach these to Pokemon with high attack. It would also be nice if they got STAB from being a normal type.

Explosion: The same as last time, but preferrably on a Pokemon with high speed do they won't faint before using it that turn.

Dream Eater: Something that has a sleep inducing move such as Hypnosis and a good Special attack. Again, STAB would be nice

Metronome: I would put in on something bulky, so you won't be insta-killed if you get a bad move.

Mimic: A fast Pokemon, so you will know what you move you will Mimic.

Substitute: Either a fast Pokemon to get it up fast and hope fr a non-attacking move, or a bulky Pokemon who can easily keep a Substitute.

Thunder Wave: A bulky Pokemon, something that can take a hit during the turn it uses
Thunder Wave.

EDIT: For Thunder Wave, the Regis sound good as they are really bulky or Gyarados if it has Intimidate. Sceptile doesn't have the bulk to pull it off.
Magmar is good for Substitute, Sceptile is also good (even better if you teach it Leech Seed).
Dream eater sounds good for Gardevoir, especially if it has sleep support.
Explosion, just whatever as long as it fits the guidelines above.
I think Tauros is good for Mimic. Fast.

Hope I helped! :)

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I kind of already knew what kind of pokemon most of these moves should be used on, but this is still very useful for other people who look at this post.
Then why did you ask in the first place? If you know those guidelines, you should be able to find good Pokemon for each move. :/
Well, I like hearing suggestions because there are people who use moves differently from the norm.
Thanks, sounds good