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Body Slam has a 30% chance of Paralysis, also halving its oppoment's speed. That would mean that Leafeon would outspeed 100 base speed Pokemon. But on the moveset thread, not mich people mentioned Body Slam.


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Because it has better moves.
Normal type moves are really only used when they get STAB becuase they don’t beat anything. Leafeon has Swords Dance, X-Scissor, Leech Seed, Leaf Blade, Wish, Curse, Synthesis and other moves that are just better than body slam. The extra effect occurs less than a third of the time, so it’s not the most reliable move ever. If you want speed, use it on a sun team with chlorophyll

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Usually, Knock Off is superior to any Normal Type move and if you do use one, you can heal off Double Edge's recoil with Synthesis unless you use a Choice Band/Scarf set.
Notice how I said “and other moves”
I just thought I would elaborate on the most common Normal Type move on Choice Sets and the most common Substitute to a Normal Type move according to Smogon which you didn't mention in your list.  Sorry though.