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Well probably due to it's grass typing. Personally I have nothing against Grass types, in fact they are my favourite type! Leafeon's base Attack of 110 and base Defense of 130 is certainly nothing to laugh at though. It can take a physical hit and give one too, but it's rather frail in Special having really bad base of 60 in Sp.Atk and 65 in Sp.Def. Decent base Speed of 95 but it can be outspeed plus it frail in HP with a base of 60. Rather wide movepool but not much to cover weaknesses. Overall it's a good Pokemon but it be easily KO'ed by certain Pokemon.
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i have pokemon y but i went and played pixelmon on a minecraft server
they say that leafeon is the worst eevulotion
until i crushed their whole LEGENDARY team with my leafeon
Leafeon saks very much. A flamethrower and woops it's fainted.
And they always say Flareon is the worst one....
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Typing. Leafeon has a total of 5 weaknesses to Fire, Ice, Bug, Flying and Poison.
Stats. Leafeon has 110 Attack, 130 Defense and 95 Speed, but those are its only redeeming qualities. It has 65 SpDef which means any good Special + Super Effective attack will kill it with its 65 HP.
Movepool. It doesn't have many physical moves to help its 110 Attack (basically only Leaf Blade), missing moves like Horn Leech and Power Whip. It also learns plenty of special moves with only 60 SpAtk, and can't cover all of its weaknesses.

And that's why people don't like Leafeon as much as Vaporeon or other Eeveelutions.

It does get Leaf Blade aaaaaaaand... that's about it :3
Swords Dance, just saying.
why would you need to bring up the fact that it doesn't get seed bomb when it gets the better leaf blade?
Swords Dance is a plus, but good luck sweeping with Leaf Blade and Return.
BP focus energy? :D
It gets Knock Off and Heal Bell, it can be a decent utility, imo. :x
still a good cleric with wish support
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It's not just that it's a grass type. It's the allotment of stats. Most of the time, grass type moves are Special rather than Physical, where it has a base stat 110 as opposed to 60. Although it can hit fast most of the time because of superior speed, it also doesn't hit hard because, unfortunately, it's special is low. Looking at the movepool you may argue that there are 2 physical grass type moves that it can learn; razor leaf and leaf blade. Razor leaf is ineffective therefore leaf blade is the only one that really works and that's learned at lv 45. Leaf blade has 15pp, so it's going to go down fast if you're on victory road or something. Even then that's not taking into consideration that with any of it's 5 weaknesses, it's absolutely useless because Leaf Blade has a disadvantage. Yes, you can use normal type moves, and it does have good ATK/DEF, but let's say that you go up against an ice type. Ice types usually use Specials, and Leafeon's base is 65, so it'll land a quick half-damage hit and then die because of type and stat disadvantage. Fire types are the saving grace because they use physical but it's still a weakness and Fire types hit hard. ATK+DEF was a bad pairing for a grass type