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Do you need to trade Umbreon from G/S/C or something? Plus where do you get Leafeon??? Help if you can! :D

Hi cobragon. I'm posting this here since I can't use your wall, but oh well.

Anyway, I'm here to ask you to please stop posting answers on old questions. They are already resolved and require no more information. Thank you :)
I replied to you fizz under the answer

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Umbreon and Leafeon didn't exist in Red and Blue. Dark types didn't exist either. They were introduced in Gold and Silver. So basically, it's impossible to get them in Red and Blue. Trading won't work either.

Hope this helped!

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Actually Leafeon didn't exist until Diamond/Pearl.
Oh sorry! My bad!
I guessed so. I was just making sure. I didn't see either of their sprites on R/B/Y so it annoying. Thanks soooo much anyway!

Edit: This is to fizz: I know I shouldn't, the people who asked the questions already know the answer. It's just the unanswered questions are too hard for me too answer as I haven't got X and Y yet. Sorry, I will try not to do it again. :)