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thats it

I think they said that they fixed those, but im not sure...
Everything I've read on Reddit says it's been completely unchanged.

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Yes, both the Missingno. and Mew glitch work in the Virtual Console versions of Pokemon Red and Blue

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Thanks, a ton, I have been tip toeing around the map to make sure I didn't battle the trainers I need, and I didn't want it to be a waste.
I caught Mew!!!!
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I remember that on a web it said the glitches will not be in the 3ds version but other glitches may occur.

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According to some recent posts on google plus , people have somehow obtained mew, most probably via the glitch, so I would say that the new glitch is accomplishable.
I am not entirely sure about the missing no glitch yet, but considering the special edition red and blue is double the size as the original, there is a chance that the glitch is 'fixed'.
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