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Why can't I use my PokeBank for Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow, I have beaten the Elite 4 in all three games, and I still can't use PokeBank for it.

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Games older than generation III can't connect with games generation III or newer.
The eShop versions of Red, Blue and Yellow are going to be PokéBank-compatable once Sun/Moon roll around.
Then how do they do things like EVs, abilities, personalities, or glitch Pokemon?
I'm sure those questions will be answered once the games come out.
^ Exactly. Be patient, Sumwun, and all will be made known.

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This feature will release when Sun/Moon come out, or around their release.
Hope I helped!

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Yeah I just read the user TheUltimateSensei's Soure Hyper Link and it says you can only transfer pokemon form Red, Blue, and Yellow to Pokémon Sun and Moon. The only way you can transfer them to Sun & Moon is through PokeBank, so if you can not transfer your Pokémon from R, B, or Y then it must be a software update thing like user TheUltimateSensei suggested.