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When you challenge the Elite Four in Pokemon Yellow, your Pokemon should at least be level 60 or 70. If you don't want to have other Pokemon be a higher level, they should be level 70.

That's gonna be difficult - I've gotten to Indigo Plateau and beaten every trainer I could. My highest level Pokémon is at 51. Any suggestions on how to level them up?
Best place to train them is in the victory road.
It's easier to simply challenge the Elite Four and lose until your Pokemon get enough experience to beat them.
I agree with sumwun. You'll lose money, but if you do that, you'll be able to level up your Pokemon more quickly than if you were to just train in Victory Road. Also, there is a chance that, while fighting the Elite Four to train your Pokemon, you'll end up beating them. If my memory is correct, that was how I beat FireRed's Elite Four.
That's the way I always did it.
I grind out my Pokemon in Victory Road because I don't accept defeat. When I feel ready I save right before the door to Lorelei, pack heaps of hyper potions and revives and all the pp restorers I saved and go until I am defeated, turn off the gameboy, then grind some more until I win.