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So slaking its the best no legendary Pokemon and regigigas well one of the best legendaries but the two have horrible abilities regigigas halving his stats until 5 turns and slaking not attacking every 1 turn I am creating a team to battle my friends in black 2 and since they are going complex for some simple battles me too so yeah who do I put on my team?

Put anything but Regigigas and Slaking. They are horrible in every sense of the word.
Slaking has direct healing moves and Giga Impact which makes full use of it's ability, unless they changed that too. As I see it there is no reason to not use Slaking instead of Gigas (Lol Gigas is another Nintendo character's name... or was that Gygas?)
it was gygas and im creating the team for double battles where i can use skill swap so i can use them better
It was actually Giygas.
i never played earthbound to the end xD

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I would say pick regigigas because his STATS are better than slaking's STATS and regigigas has pretty strong moves like focus blast,,thunder bolt,,hyper beam,,stoneedge and earth quake so pick regigigas

wow...thats a.....good point...but didnt regigigas attack..with attack not special attack....why so many specials?....just kidding i know they are examples thanks :D
you are welcome
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Slaking by a mile

They both have trash abilities, but Regigigas is worse. IT RESTARTS SLOW START WHEN SWITCHING IN and if you survive slowstart somehow, no healing while slaking gets Slack off

Slaking can be on the field for 3 160 attacking moves while regigigas has 5 trash turns

as demon flygawne said, Giga impact fits slakings ability while slow start cant be that good.

skill swap/gastro acid is very situational and these 2 deserve to be in the tier they are in