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Mainly ones that can hinder great Pokemon
Slakings-can not Atk on consecutive turns
Regigigas-Atk and speed are halfed for five turns
These two Pokemon have amazing stats - without the abilitys would both probably be über
Are there anymore such as archeops with halfs def when under half hp I think

Also apparat from skill swap which are good ways to counter the abilitys

That's it I have it in the question but I couldn't remember the name

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Well Defeatist, Slow-start, and Truant are the ones with negative side effects. Honey-gather, Illuminate, Pickup, and Runaway have no effect in competitive. Rivalry, Klutz, Weak-Armour, Big-Pecks, Stall, and Keen-eye rarely have any use though some can be used strategically.


I think Pickup does have effect like giving your Pokemon berries occasionally if not already holding an item. (I speak from experience.......curse Cilan's Lillipup, you just HAD to beat me, DIDN'T YOU?)
Not in competitive, it is an above world ability.