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Is it just another odd piece Game Freak logic? Or something explanatory?

I can understand if it's a really odd stage in in a Slakoth's life.


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It's just how it is.
The evolutions don't have to be "logic checked" anyway. Besides, you know GameFreak logic, they haven't got a mind. This leads to major problems, like this.
enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here ~ Me lazy, then energetic, then lazy again. xD

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I love that answer! XD x 2!
Thanks :P
Slakoth just decided to spent up all his energy to become lazy again.
And on the plus side he also became overpowered!
Actually its suppose to symbolize the evolution of man. First we are babies and dont do much, pretty darn lazy. Then we become teenagers and get more energetic. At the end we get big and lazy again. Come on people its the average life of man :3