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Quoting from Blob's question, what are the worst abilities you can come across in battle such as Snow/Sand Cloak or Intimidate? Like, what are the most stressful abilities to deal with from your enemies?


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Aftermath: Your Physical Life orb sweeper now can only pull off 1 more move!
Arena-trap: You are stuck fighting a Pokemon your weak to/Perish song is activated
Bad-dreams: Losing Hp and asleep
Compound-eyes: When paired with a status move it is quite annoying
Contrary: Serperior+Leaf-storm...enough said
Cursed-body: And I was running a Choice Item too (O.O)
Effect-spore: Yes I finally took down his Breloom...Oh NO!
Flame-body: Burns your Physical Pokemon
Flash-fire: Eat this Ferrothorn! Switches to Typhlosion with Eruption ohh pooh.
Guts: Makes them benefit from the things that should cripple them
Huge-power: STAB Aqua-jet coming from (boosted to) over 400 Attack stat.
Hydration: Rest+Manaphy/Vaporeon..enough said
Illusion: Oh it is a Wobbuefuet I am safe to stat up as much as I want :D uh oh(I actually love this ability though)
Imposter: Ditto is very hard to counter with this
Intimidate: Ruins your Physical sweeper
Iron-barbs: Ferrothorn+Rocky helmet makes him a pain to deal with.
Levitate: It depends on which Pokemon has it, it makes your T-spikes and Spikes useless. And it switches in freely on your mighty Earthquakes.
Lightning-rod: If you use Thunder-wave a lot then you will understand.
Magic-gaurd: You can not toxic-stall them.
Magnet-pull: Pretty much a steel type Arena trap
Mold-breaker: Gengar is now weak to ground type moves.
Moody: Reminds me of my sisters XD but seriously the constant stat changes are a pain.
Motor-drive: See lightning rod
Mummy: My ability is gone
Natural-cure: My beautiful Toxic
Poison inducing abilities: Obviously
Prankster: ARGH!
Serene Grace: Pair it with things like Iron head and air slash it is insanely annoying
Shadow-tag: Arena trap
Simple: Doubles the effects of Stat up moves (O.O)
Skill-link: Cloyster (O.O)
Speed-boost: Boosting Speed
Static: Paralyzes your sweepers
Synchronise: Spread the status
Volt-absorb: Healing when hit by a move
Water-absorb: Same kind of thing as Volt-absorb
Wonder-guard: Obvious one.
Weather making Abilities: Weather can be pretty annoying if you are not prepared
Weather Speed or Evasion boosting moves: Pokemon that you should out-speed you can not and you keep missing

Too see a complete list of abilities http://pokemondb.net/ability

If I had to choose 4 they would be: Moody, Prankster, Imposter, and Serene-grace

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I know it is a lot but I have found that these are extremely annoying.
Iron barbs
Cloud nine
Traits such as flash fire
Traits such as static
Solid rock
Rough skin
Traits that make weather such as sand stream
Wonder guard
Sand and snow cloak  
Speed boost
Swift swim
Super luck

There ones I can think of this was a answer but changed to comment when new beaten to it
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Sand stream especially when you aren't using a ground rock or steel type
Thanks anyway, but I already have a better answer.
Gaaaaah! STATIC