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I was playing around in the Festival Plaza in Sun and Moon searching for people to battle with, and I got challenged my a random Japanese person. I accepted, chose a team and stuff, and the battle begun.

It was a pretty normal battle... until the very end. He actually send out a (Japanese named) shiny Nihilego. When I saw it, I was pretty confused since I knew the Ultra beasts in Sun and Moon are shiny locked. As far as I know, there is no way to get a shiny Nihilego, not even through event. I didn't knew much about it, aside from two moves being Power Gem and Sludge Wave. It also didn't have a hacked ability, it had just Beast Boost.

I didn't obviously know any of it's EV's, IV's or Nature either, but can anyone tell me if I was right? And if I'm not, how did this person obtain a shiny Ultra Beast?


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Yes, you are correct. Shiny Nihilego cannot currently be legitimately obtained, so the Nihilego you came across was either modified to be shiny, or hacked in as shiny.


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Okay, thanks for answerring my question. Damn, how do these people get through with their stuff? ;p
A lot of people can buy them off other people. One of my friends has done just that for a whole team. It works for ultra beasts so it is probs what happened