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Why do people always hack Pokemon (legends most likely) and use them in online battles when they know they will get banned? Also, I really wonder how they hack Pokemon...

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The people I know of hack in competitive or shiny Pokemon because they have a busy life and don't have the time to breed the Pokemon themselves. If you're talking about the people who hack in Pokemon with illegal stats/moves (like a shiny reshiram with blast burn and 600 EV's in attack), I'm pretty sure it's just a way for them to troll online, or they're just having fun with it, and most likely don't care if they get banned from Online battles.

There are a lot of methods of hacking Pokemon, but the two I've heard the most about are Action Replay and PKHeX.

(pkhex is harder to use now, because you need to mod actual games like cubeninja or a zelda game i forgot the name of to actually get homebrew to use pkhex.)
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People that hack Pokemon know they suck at battling, so they hack Pokemon to use them in online battles and win. It's really a wussy move. It ruins the online battling experience for people like myself who actually enjoy competitive battles that are fair.

Action Replay is most likely used to hack Pokemon.

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GENNING doesn't give you an advantage. It has to be legal or the game doesnt let you use them online. i personally am against using it in ranked/tournaments, but freeplay and other things are fine.
Exactly. Genning (unless considering legendaries) gets the exact same results breeding with a 6IV ditto with destiny know achieves, only with the risk of it not being legal.
I don't see a problem myself, hey we all hit the same goal. But I prefer the success of getting a min with egg moves and HA from an egg. Despite it taking 100X longer.
@Kardora1 someone called me "evil" for genning a team once. i actually make 5iv teams because 6iv takes too long, but sometimes i gen.
You gen? I asked someone to buff my moms and fix them. Need someone to fix my Bianca cuz I can't breed her (she's a Latias)
But yeah hacking and me don't get on. I ask people to buff my legends for me.
And breed my own normal mons. Got female 5 IV HA Garchomp ;)
You aren't evil for Genning. Especially not legends. If the Pokemon are legal, who cares how they're done? In my opinion.
I can help if you want