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Why do people always hack Pokemon (legends most likely) and use them in online battles when they know they will get banned? Also, I really wonder how they hack Pokemon...

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The people I know of hack in competitive or shiny Pokemon because they have a busy life and don't have the time to breed the Pokemon themselves. If you're talking about the people who hack in Pokemon with illegal stats/moves (like a shiny reshiram with blast burn and 600 EV's in attack), I'm pretty sure it's just a way for them to troll online, or they're just having fun with it, and most likely don't care if they get banned from Online battles.

There are a lot of methods of hacking Pokemon, but the two I've heard the most about are Action Replay and PKHeX.

(pkhex is harder to use now, because you need to mod actual games like cubeninja or a zelda game i forgot the name of to actually get homebrew to use pkhex.)
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People that hack Pokemon know they suck at battling, so they hack Pokemon to use them in online battles and win. It's really a wussy move. It ruins the online battling experience for people like myself who actually enjoy competitive battles that are fair.

Action Replay is most likely used to hack Pokemon.

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Yeah i read the entire page.
So you're saying that everyone who wants to win Pokemon battles but don't want to spend 6 hours per day hatching eggs are wusses?
Only a hacker would say that. Just raise a team of evolved pokemon.
As a legitimate player, breeding a team of 6 5IV Pokémon only takes 6 hours a day if you start from scratch every time. Once you have a handful of competitive mons, reusing those for the nature / IVs drastically shortens the breeding time. And you can’t really make an excuse for legendaries anymore either because of hyper training.

That being said, if you and your friend have only 30 minutes of spare time and really want to battle ingame instead of on Showdown, I personally see no reason to stop you from going ahead and hacking in a team. Just don’t lie about having hacked Pokémon and don’t bring them to official tournaments.
Catching or breeding things with good hidden powers and evolving things that require trading are still kind of hard. Also you need to re-breed the Pokemon every time you want to change an egg move or hidden power type, and you need to spend several hours working at a job every time they release a new game.
Also this is more of a philosophy issue, but I don't understand why being a "hacker" or "wuss" is bad. I'd much rather be that than one of those people who call themselves "competitive" but spend more time farming bottle caps just because some random Japanese people said they had to. If you already spent money on a cartridge and now own it, why are you still letting other people tell you how to use it?