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I have never hacked before and I don't really plan to, since I know nothing about it, is it possible to hack a female Gallade? This also goes for hacking a male Latias and other Pokemon that can be one gender.

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With hacking, anything is possible.

Although not for OR/AS, I've seen Pokemon hacks with Female Gallades
Give it a few years, soon OR/AS hacks will be coming out

Source: Experience

I am a curious boy the dudes and dudes on this site are the teachers.
Also, thanks!
Haha no problem! And thanks for getting me to 1,000 points!
Ever heard of powersaves? ORAS hacks are already out, just not ones that extreme ;)
That's hacking a certain aspect in ORAS, not a hacked version of ORAS (emulators, etc.)