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I found a Hoppip but it was Glitches in the sense that the pink body matched the Green leaf on its head in color. It was green!

I wonder what caused this. I gave it to my friend for free I don’t need hacks.


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gee it's almost as if it was something super, duper rare, like maybe a shiny Pokemon!!!1
Hoppip Shiny sprite from Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

Being fully serious though, you're pretty lucky. Seeing wild-pokemon in the tags leads me to believe, well, you found it in the wild. It's not broken or glitched or anything.

Oof. I wasn’t looking to see the sparkles and I thought it’s shiny was Orange. Also I have had my friend use AR on that game card before.
Action Replay doesn't usually leave lingering effects like this. If it was hacked there's a good chance something obvious would've been wrong, like if every Pokemon you found in the wild was Shiny.
Hm. That’s odd.
Oh NVM problem solved. Just asked my other guy what happened you can’t even Find Hoppip in Sun/Moon. I mean, I also found Darkrai in the Wild in OrAS I’ve seen some crazy stuff...