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My friend traded me his shiny HACKED pinsir in black 2. He says that it is 100% hacked. It still made it to kalos. Pokemon Database says that Hacked/generated Pokemon cant make the trip. How did this happen??enter image description here?

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Getting a hacked Pokemon through a transfer is really based on what website/app to make the Pokemon. Since your Pinsir made it into Pokemon Bank without any complications, your friend must have made the Pinsir with a website/app that ensures creations can be put on XY; an example would be Pokegen. But the important thing is, you now have a godly Pinsir to use in Gen 6.

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Now i realized that it messed up my pokemon bank so I had to unistall it =\
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If everything looks legitimate on a Pokemon, Pokebank let's in through. but if it has a hacked moveset it was most likely one of Pokebank's huge flaws that let it through.

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