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It start when he decides to switch out his Pokemon. He decides to sent out Hitmontop and it used bullet punch right away. After that, fake out is used. I was fighting in a double battle match.

You said Fake Out was used; did it succeed?
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Okay then; I think the higher chance was that they hacked, since Most people know Fake Out fails if it's not the first move.

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It is very possible that you fought a hacker, as you know Fake Out can only be used the first turn the Pokemon is in battle. More evidence is that he actually tried to use Fake Out, which proves he knew it would work.

But it also could have been some type of glitch, but that still doesn't explain why he tried to use Fake Out in the first place.

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I should have put this in the question ,but do you know if it's possible to hack on Random wifi on the 3DS?
I don't know, but I would assume so, as you can sneak in hacked Pokemon (I've done it :3).
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The person you were fighting was either hacking or it was a glitch/bug because fake out only works on the first turn. Hitmontop can learn fake out as a pre-evolution move an bullet punch as an egg move, though.


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