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Well I was trying out wifi battles, in the second battle I play, this guy is using a MEWTWO. I thought those types of legendaries are banned during play, but this guy used a full fledged Mega Mewtwo Y on me (I still won with my mad skillz). Did he hack or am I missing out on the fun?

This was in the battle spot BTW

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You're missing out on the fun.
Any and all Pokemon are allowed to be used on Passerby/Acquaintance/Friend WiFi Battles.
Same with Battle Spot. Any and all Pokemon can battle in the Battle Spot.

However, mythical/legendary Pokemon are banned in rated battles.

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no this was in battle spot though, I didn't challenge anyone, it paired me up
It doesn't matter. On the battlespot NO pokemon are banned.
As for where he got the mewto, you can get it in the Pokemon village.

source: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/mewtwo
Only in free battles, not rating battles