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Since I never battled wifi in Pokemon game, I have few questions about wifi battles. Not trades but, battles.
Can you run away from battle? Or like retreat, give up?
Can you lose or get money from losing or winning WIFI Battle? Because, when you defeat Elite Four or some trainers in route(s), etc you get money.
Can you use Origin Giratina or Sky Shaymin?
Can you use items in wifi battle? Like full restores, revives etc.


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  • Yes, you can run, but it first asks you if you'd like to forfeit the match. (It goes on your permanent record as a loss.)
  • You do not get money from winning, but you get a win on your record.
  • I think at some point you were/are allowed to use those mons in particular. (There is at least one game that allows you to do this, I don't know if it's allowed in all games, it's been a long time since I've even used those Pokemon.) Giratina would of course need the Griseous Orb. Skymin I do believe is fine.
  • You cannot use medicine from your bag, unless you're playing a generation 5 game where there's something called a wonder launcher where you can rack up points to use certain items after a certain amount of turns elapse. You can make your Pokemon hold any type of item you like, but none of them can have the same item.

If you still have questions, let me know in comments below. I don't know if you're talking about any particular game, so maybe that will help if you're still wondering something.

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Thanks, A.G.47 and [MEGA]StellarLucario for answering my question!
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do visit the link i gave above it will help you a lot. but its best if you learn the rules yourself :)
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This link below will help you a lot:
Also, there are two ways to lose a match:
1)Clicking "Run" which will cause you to forfeit the match. You use it when you know there is absolutely no chance of winning.
2)If you somehow get disconnected from the battle (like a poor net connection or something) which will cause you to lose the match.
You also don't get any sort of money from these battles.
The third question is answered by the link above.
And finally, you can use no sorts of items in such battle; the only way to use items is by giving them to your Pokemon to hold or held items in short. The items which Pokemon can use while holding will only work which means items like full restores, antidotes, revives, etc. won't work but berries, choice items, life orb, etc. will.
I hope you have a great time playing these new battles. Good luck!
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lose pokemon in your GBA game???
Yep. Example, you migrated to get Nidoking and now, you no more have Nidoking in GBA game.
However, you can only migrate 6 Pokemon but, also you can't migrate 5 or less Pokemon.
What okay that's confusing but thanks a lot buddy you really helped:))))))
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