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Ok you know how in he battle frontier, there's an option that limits your Pokemons' levels to 50 and if they are higher, they lower it to fifty?
Is this feature there in wifi battles in Pokemon Emerald? Because I want to battle with my friend who has emerald too and we agreed on the max level being 50 so it would be like a real tournament.
Are there options for level limits in emerald wifi battles?


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Pokemon Emerald does not have wi-fi battles due to the game coming around immediately before nintendo hooked up with DS systems. There are wireless battles and cable battles though which both do the same thing and out of experience I know that there is an option to dance with flat level or open level.

Also, good luck with that battle :D

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Thanks man.
So what are the options in flat level?
Only 50 :(

I think a level 5 flat battle would've been fun ;L
Lol thanks.