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can you do wifi on a ds? if so, how can you trade and battle?

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To do that you need some sort of plug-in.I don't know what,I have this trouble,too.

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Yes you can use wifi on the ds. You just need to complete the wifi connections settings on the Pokemon menu screen. If you mean how can you battle with people all over the world, then you'll need to use the GTS. Later.

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do you simply select a wifi group after you go to the box that has your wifi on it?
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Okay, me the internet expert. :3 Bear with me here.

So, DS Lite Wifi is running on WEP, and you probably have WPA2 or something. To change it, go to your internet settings, and search around, because I have no clue what internet service you have. Then, enter the settings inside the DS on settings. Sorry if this is unclear, comment if it is.

Hope this helps!

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unclear and confusing.