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Ok, so say I had a male Froakie with the standard ability Torrent, and I wanted to get one with it’s hidden ability, Protean, could you perhaps breed it with a female Seel with its hidden ability (ice body) and eventually get a froakie with its hidden ability, since the female parent has its hidden ability ?


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No, if you breed a male Froakie with a female Seel, you will always get Seel (but you will have a 60% chance for HA). Additionally, breeding a HA male with a non-HA female will never result in a HA offspring (unless the “female” is Ditto), so it is 100% impossible to get a HA for a Pokémon unless you already have a Pokémon of that species with its HA.

I was hoping lol. Damn. Thanks anyways :)
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