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I checked Mega Altaria and Mega Pinsir's ability. Mega Pinsir's ability aerialate turns every normal type move to Flying type moves and Mega Altaria's ability is Pixilate it will turn all normal type mives to fairy type moves..............if Mega Altaria or Mega Pinsir uses hyper beam........then hyper beam would be able to hit Gengar!!!..... will this happen or not.

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Yep. Aerilate would turn Hyper Beam into a Fairy or Flying type move on Altaria and Pinsir respectively, which will be able to hit Ghost types like Gengar, but I'd suggest Return/Hyper Voice (Hyper Voice for a Special Altaria) if you want to take advantage of the type change+the 30% boost since Hyper Beam will result in a 75 base power attack as 150 base power/2 turns=75 base power each turn. Also, Hyper Beam will leave you vulnerable to attacks the next turn.


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ok ok thanks..........then hyper beam will be weaker isn't it?