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I swear I remember seeing Machamp's Mega form as one of of the offical Mega forms with the artwork and it wasn't fan-made, but now, I don't see it anywhere? I'm so confused about this.

I think I know what you saw. I'll answer later.

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Nope, Mega Machamp is not confirmed as of yet. I can almost blindly vouch that what you saw was in fact a fan art, or at most a prototype design that accidentally leaked (highly unlikely). Many fan arts are pretty good and make a very convincing artwork (like this one), but the bottom line is that Machamp is not confirmed to have a Mega.

Hope I helped!

Ninja'd D:

That artist does some good fake Megas. Some of them are better than the actual Megas (Banette…)
I know right :o, I really wished that was Mega Machamp right there, it's that good
You know what? I think, (though I'm not 100% for certain), that this is what I saw.

Yep, that's fan art. Don't trust anything coming from deviantart, it's a site full of unofficial artists. Still pretty cool site though, just avoid taking info from there.