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Oshowatt lvl 41
Ablity : Torrent
Moves :
~Blizzard lvl 1
~Razor Shell lvl 5
~Swords Dance
~Assurance lvl 5

Tepig lvl 41
Ability : Blaze
Moves :
~Flamethrower lvl 3
~Flame Charge lvl 3
~Head Smash lvl 1
~Take Down lvl 2

Should I change some moves?

I've never really been a fan of recoil moves, in any game.

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I think that Oshawott's Blizzard could be switched out for Ice beam as it is much more reliable and has more PP. Recoil moves might seem strong but that HP drop isn't as awesome. I suggest switching Head smash and Take down for other moves such as;

Strength instead of Take Down and Rock Tomb instead of Head Smash.

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