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I mean, without using a separate camera.

One time I threw my DS Lite into a wall and it broke in half and whenever I cut the bottom half on it would flash white for a second. I "flashed white" back at it every time to make it feel special ;)
...and what does this have to do with screenshots?

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Unfortunately not.

In fact, not even the latest models of 2DS/3DS can take a screenshot through their own systems. They are only possible under very specific conditions and specific games (like Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and the camera man in XY). No such feature exists in a DS lite though.

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So when I see screenshots online, were they really just people with cameras?
Well, you can record videos with capture cards. But online pictures are often screenshots of PC ROMs and not actual Nintendo console games.
Or they are static images, that are captured from videos got using capture cards. Nonetheless, it's not a DS function.