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I'm not sure if this has been released yet. Will this rule among others stand, or will they possibly change?

They haven't released the rules yet so there's no telling.
Hope so...
I hope not, I already have an amazing team, but it really depends on the removal of that rule
Everybody and their grandmother talks in terms of Eruption Heatran these days, so I think the blue pentagon might be removed. I also read it on NB, but I can't find the thread so I don't have any reliable source ;c
but aren't you able to catch Heatran in ORAS?
@Leaftail you can, but Eruption Heatran was an event from DPPt I think, and thus can't be used under normal circumstances. Same with Defiant Thunderus, Sheer Cold Suicune, Follow Me Blastoise, etc.

@Qwerty http://nuggetbridge.com/forums/topic/19387-bs-season-12-new-rules-past-gen-pokémon-are-back/?hl=eruption
Oh cool

I think it shouldn't have the requirement-I also have a team that I intend to use for VGC.
Y did no one answer?     :(

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Best Answer: Nobody knows.

Likely Answer: Probably

But it's pure speculation at this point. No one knows for sure.

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Alright but I hope it doesnt haha