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I've been enjoying how efficient is EV training in ORAS with horde hotspots.

There are two EV training hotspots that are somewhat tedious though:

  • Attack: Mt. Pyre (cemetery area). Shuppets keep priority attacking before I can sweep the whole bunch with a spread attack.
  • Defence: Route 111. Sandshrews with Sand Veil keep evading spread attacks, meaning it takes 2-3 turns to sweep a horde with a spread attack.

So, is there any way to devise a:

  • No miss spread attack?
  • Priority spread attack?

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- I'm guessing they're hitting with Shadow Sneak? If so, use a Normal type. If it's Sucker Punch, I don't really have any idea other than to switch off your battle animations (if you haven't been doing so already). There's not really any way of not making them hit with Sucker Punch.

- if it's really a problem, get something with No Guard. Machamp and Golurk both have Earthquake and the ability, so they can hit Sandshrew no matter what. If you have more of a problem with being buffeted by the sand, then use something that's part ground (Swampert comes to mind).

I would also say that EV training is something you do in the background, like when watching TV or reading a magazine etc.; that helps to make the training go faster, so you don't just sit there staring at your Greninja knock out Sandshrews for an eternity.

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Thanks. In the case of Sand Veil Sandshrew, I'd say that the miss rate is  precisely what was preventing me to let EV training "run in the background". With no miss rate it's easier to keep count using depleted PP, especially with more involved EV spreads (different then 252/252/4). I admit the Ghost Sneaks from the Shuppets is a pretty minor disruption.

I'm considering raising a Lickilicky (normal type, immune to ghost) with hidden ability "Cloud Nine" (cancels Sand Veil) and TM move "Incinerate" (affects all foes). I'd rather avoid earthquake, as it wouldn't be able to hit Swablu (SpDef EV training).
^ Realistically you don't need to count PP; EVs cap at 252 now and not 255 (if I remember correctly?) so you don't have wasted EVs.
You can also switch your bottom screen to the Super Training one, and the EV display will stop growing when your Pokemon hits 252 EVs on a stat.