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I received the Japanese Shiny Jirachi event Pokemon from someone a couple months ago. I decided to go check it's IVs and it had all 6 of them. Is it possible for an event Pokemon to have all 6 IVs? Thanks.


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I assume you mean they're all full 31/31?
With the exception of event Pokemon that are locked to have certain IVs(Which I don't think this one is), it is entirely possible, but incredibly unlikely. The Pokemon is most likely a hack, but it's also possible someone spent a very long time soft resetting for all 6 IVs and then cloned it for trading.

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Yeah sorry they're all full 31/31. And it's also Modest so I'm gonna accept that it's most likely hacked as you said. Because I doubt anyone would have the patience or time to soft reset for all 6 IVs. But anyways thank you!