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What is the chance? Pokerus + Shiny + Perfect IVs

I feel so lucky because my friend Ben wonder traded and got a shiny buneary that happened to have perfect IV stats and I just infected it with pokerus virus.  Though its special ability is klutz I still love it!

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Pokerus in the wild is really rare, like Starpower said on chat.
Shiny and Perfect IVs can be RNG'ed
Now the numbers:

Shinyness Pokerus IVs perfect
8192 3/655361,073,741,824 = 1514015399

So a chance of 1 out 1,514,015,399

Perfect IV's

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Jofly you don't know what you're on about and neither does anybody else...

You slug brain Flareski, I know what he means
One in one and a half billion. Well, I'm gonna go look for a shiny Pokerus infected Pokemon with perfect IVs! :D
If i just got a vaporeon with the aformentioned stats off the gts is that still as lucky?
Well, that depends on if the offerer finds one, and if they decide to put it on the GTS. There isn't an exact chance.
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There are 32 possible values (0-31) for each of the 6 stats, which makes it 1 in 32^6 or 1 in 1,073,741,824!

As quoted from Pokemaster's answer, here, although (and I hope he reads this) he didn't complete the answer as the questioner asked the same question as Jof, but PM only gave him the IV chance :3. PM you lost me a BA xD

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Correct :P