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Can anyone do the math for this? I'm genuinely curious :3 I would be willing to waste a lot of time to get this legitly on my own :D

Years, even O.o

EDIT: So if a starter is impossible for Pokerus, how about finding a female Eevee? And I mean, a female Eevee WITH Pokerus who is also shiny.

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I seriously want one too! Pretty rare I'd expect though.

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Yeah ummm the person above me is wrong just for a shiny its a 1/8192 chance and for pokerus it even a less chance plus the chance of a female 12.5 % so that would be at least 0.000001% chance of that happening so good luck

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This isn't a proper answer. The asker asked you to do the math
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Chance of Shiny: 1/8192

Chance of Pokerus: 3/65,536

Chance of Female Eevee: 1/8

Multiply: (1/8192)(3/65,536)(1/8)*100 =


That's why i have a calculator lmao
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Finding a wild Pokemon with pokerus is rare enough, and it's quite rare to find a female eevee, so, in percentage terms, I think 5% maybe. This isn't quite the answer that you hoped for, but hope this helps! But if you want it shiny, just breed a shiny female eevee, and wait till it gets pokerus. Hope this helps, again. B)

Thank you! I haven't had a selected answer in a while!