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I really want a shiny Honedge because a Shiny Aegislash looks freakin' boss!

Thanks, do you recommend any shinies I should get in ORAS?
Well if you were looking for a steel type then you can hunt for aron.  sableye, shuppet, and duskull can also be hunted if you need ghost.  All of them have megas except duskull (which will probably get a mega soon, the latest being the next Sinnoh remake).  If you're just looking for a shiny that's easy to find then hunting anything with a fishing rod can get you a powerful shiny.

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There is a 0% chance of catching a shiny honedge or its evolutionary chain in ORAS. You must use some form of trading.

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What about in Y version?
In Y version there is one possible location.  Route 6.  It won't be easy because honedge is a minority find on the route.  You'll likely encounter shinies that you don't need before you find shiny honedge.