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I recently caught a darmanitan on a mirage spot, but it didn't look like any other darmanitan I've seen. It looked like the shiny sprite sown on this site, but it didn't produce sparkles like any other shinies. Any ideas on what it was? It had a relaxed nature, so I wouldn't normally use it.

any pic, shiny darmanitan is a dark brownish red if i remembered  correctly.
Pic pls. Also, does it have the star on its summary screen

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Regular Darmanitan


Shiny Darmanitan

As you can see there isn't a huge change, apart from a darker body. Check to see if it has a star shape in its summary section. If not, then it isn't shiny. I highly doubt this, but maybe you missed the sparkles?

Anyway, hope I helped. :D

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It was at night, so maybe it was the shadow. I think it wasn't shiny. Thanks!
No problem! I hope it was shiny in the end :D
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Well, if it doesn't show the shiny sparkles and doesn't look like the shiny sprite, it could be either it was in zen mode, or it isn't a shiny and you must have mistaken it.

Hope I helped!