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Say I'm playing a hypothetical Doubles match.

Opponent's Pokémon:
My Pokémon:

Heatran uses Heat Wave, and Aegislash blocks it with Wide Guard. But I anticipate this and use Feint with Sableye. However, Feint will not affect Aegislash because it is a Ghost-type. So I use Feint on Dustox instead.

Will Feint break Wide Guard, even if I do not target the Wide Guard user?

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Feint and Shadow Force lift the effect of Wide Guard when successfully
used on an opponent's team.

And as of Gen 6

Feint and Shadow Force now lift the effect of Wide Guard from all allies, if they hit an ally.

Here's bulbapedia's link.

There you go dude, hope this helps!

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As of Generation 5, Feint is able to lift the effects of Wide Guard.


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