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i can't trade groudon to xy. but I saw that kyogre can learn origin pulse in xy to but groudon not precipice blades. my groudon has learnt that move in oras. but if I groudon forget precipice blades can I trade it to xy without the red orb?


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Yes, if you have Groudon forget Precipice Blades, you will be able to trade it over to X/Y, as long as it doesn't hold any of the ORAS Mega Stones or the Red and Blue Orbs
Also, Kyogre cannot learn Origin Pulse in X/Y.

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kyogre can learn it in xy at lvl 90 ( i don't know the lvl exatctly) but search kyogre here and you shall find it
No, it doesn't learn Origin Pulse in X/Y, I even checked