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So if I was to use ability capsule then take it off, does it leave it as the ability I left it? I have been wondering about that, if not I'm probably not gonna get it.


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I think you're mistaking the Ability Capsule for a held item.

It's a one use item, and will disappear after it's used, meaning that the change is permanent, even if the Pokemon evolves. E.g. Ability Capsule is used on Marill with Thick Fat > changes to Huge Power > evolves into Azumarill with Huge Power.

It also only works on Pokemon with 2 possible abilities, like Marill. Hidden Abilities are not counted, and the capsule won't work on a Pokemon with 1 normal ability and a Hidden Ability.

Ability Capsule

Oh okay thanks I'm probably going to change my manetric from static to lightingrod. That would probably be more helpful but who knows, mabye my oppent might be physical attack and static will be paralysising Pokemon all the way.