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Basically I'm doing a monotype Dragon type run on Pokemon White 2. I've defeated the Kanto Leaders. Johto Leaders, Hoenn Leaders and Sinnoh Leaders and am now in the World Leaders tournament, the issue I'm having is every time I enter the World Leaders tournament I'm battling pretty much the same Leaders! The participants are always the same which are either: Crasher Wake, Brycen, Wattson, Cress, Cilan, Clair, Flannery, Misty, Skyla, Drayden and that's it. Gym leaders like Juan, Roxanne, Maylene, Roark, Byron never participate and it's been those same Gym Leaders from the start and I've repeated it about 10 odd times...

Is there a glitch or error in my game and what should I do about it? Because I'm getting tired of battling the same Leaders over and over again with no diversity. I know the World Leaders tournament is random but the same Gym Leaders appearing over and over again? Something isn't right.

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This has happened to me as well, ironicly also while using a mono pseudo legendary team. I didn't have time to reflect on it as my DS was broken shortly after. But it mentions nothing of that in



If its not there then you just have very bad luck

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