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By safe I mean is not likely to make anything go wrong in your game. If you can find one can you tell me how to catch it?

That's not a glitch pokemon. I asked for a glitch pokemon. But thanks anyway.

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i'm not sure if you meant glitch like hatching a Pokemon through a glitch or that the mon itself is a glitch, but I assume you meant the last one.
heres the list for gen IV (platinum):

well, I can't guarantee any of them being safe, but don't try the bad egg. ------ is the only one you can perform without a cheating device

gen V (white 2)
you can only see these with a cheating device

i know nothing about glitch pokés, so please don't ask touch about these. you can search for these glitches as bulbapedia is lacking a bit info about them.

here is a list of some other glitches:

again, iknow nothing about glitches, so please just google it rather than asking me as I know absolute nothing.

hope I helped :D


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i noticed some of the links didn't work, but you can google the as weell:P
Thank you that helped!
The Gen V link doesn't work mate :P
Also nice answer (Y)