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I've read online about a glitch called buried alive so what is it?

If this question isn't allowed just comment and i'll delete it

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Even if we were born before the first pokemon games we can still play them and know what creepy pastas are. I don't have anything against adults playing pokemon, but just don't insult us.

(For the question below.)

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The buried alive glitch was part of the original Red and Blue Pokemon games on the gameboy. This feature ended up being left out of the final games but has still been accessed by methods I am not aware of. It took place in Lavender Town at the top of the tower. Buried Alive was supposed to be the boss of the tower. When you reached the top although you could not see anyone there, after reading clicking on a head stone a conversation would be started followed by a battle with Buried Alive. In the battle he had the appearance of a decaying human corpse trying to crawl its way out of the ground. He has been programmed to have two White Hands, a Gengar, and a Muk. Although they never programmed anything to happen when defeating him (the game would just freeze) if you loose the battle the Buried Alive was to have stated, “Finally, fresh meat!” followed by several lines of gibberish. He was to have then dragged the player character into the ground surrounding him. The scene would finish with a typical “Game Over” screen; however, in the background, an image of the Buried Alive character devouring the player was to have been shown.

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Always be careful when using the word "noob", you might embarrass yourself.
"Buried Alive" is a creepypasta. It's a scary story that sometimes people think of as real facts, but actually someone made them up because they are creepy and interesting. (Like "Pokémon Lost Silver", a creepypasta that got its own fanmade game.)
There never was such a thing as "Buried Alive" that Game developers wanted to add in the japanese game, because you would find the sprite of it in the source code. You should also find it with the help of Gameshark, but since you can't, it will stay just a story forever. (I admit that I even did that myself with RBY to prove a friend wrong who also thought this story was real.) I have never played Pokémon Green, but that doesn't matter because all Buried Alive Internet Videos contain RBY anyway, but those are romhacks. But very good romhacks!
I recommend watching the Buried Alive video though and playing Pokémon Lost Silver if you like creepypastas so much that you'd like them to be true. :)
Although I may have been off on some details, I gave an answer that was actually accurate, unlike others who were talking about glitches in DS games (thus the noob part) My answer was in the correct generation so I do not fully understand your stab at the beginning. I myself do not believe this creepy pasta is hidden in the coding of an old gameboy cartridge. Most people are unaware of how simple they actually are and over estimate their capabilities. Remember these are close to the first handheld games to exists. There is usually nothing in there that isn't in the actual game. They do not have a lot of memory like a console or more modern handheld cartridges. If it was wanted to be in the Japanese game you would have to check the coding in one of those. They are developed separate from American versions to avoid translation errors and issues in cultural difference, so you will not find it there. Which is how I know its fake since all the videos are in perfect English. The video title also suggests the guy who made it doesn't understand that in Japan, the games were released as red and green with blue following, where as the American ones were red and blue with yellow following. He titled it red/blue/green hinting that he thought red and blue were together like the American versions. If you look my answer was mostly just a copy/paste from the creepypasta website. Gave him a good answer and saved me time.
Sorry for the late answer.

First of all, I shouldn't have answered like that without asking any questions.
AFAIK I wasn't sure at that time if you had implied that Buried Alive isn't real, so I assumed you had just googled it and thought the story is real. And of course it isn't, for the same reasons you had already listed. Just assuming things is a very bad habit in the internet, I do this a lot.
sry :/
Didn't mean to offend you, have a nice day.
baried alive is real I found a video about it and tried it myself on my game
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Buried alive! Buried alive!
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Ill take this question to what Excadrill had posted and say what really happens. It happens Underground when you are in a friends base in D/P/PT and they lose connection/turn off their DS. It says something along the lines of "(player's) Base collapsed!" and ejects you from their Base.

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I have to give it to you, I never knew something like that could happen.
You don't know what buried alive is you just made it up.
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Well, I did a little research and came up with a glitch in Pokemon Platinum. Apparently, if the glitch is very bad, then walls in the Underground may collapse. Like, everything. Here's a story I found. Reader discretion advised:

I'm pretty sure that all the walls collasping is a realistic glitch, but I'm not so sure about the corpses thing.

*EDIT: Well, as you may have concluded from the comments below, the glitch in this story isn't real. Yeah the collasping underground thing was pretty convincing, but, it's completely fake. There may still be a buried alive glitch though........but I doubt it.

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Never in my whole life I will take out my platinum again and I'm afraid I will have to take away my sisters diamond xD towards the end it was like the hunger games only without looking away :P
OMG O_O hunger games in the best :D
The hunger games series was really good. But I think that story was worse.
No mo creepypastas for meh XD
OMG that wall collapsing glitch is creepy O.O